Capillary PLUS

With XpertMoist® & Aesculus Hippocastanum Extract.

A rich jelly cream ideal for severe conditions of heaviness, swelling and tiredness due to excess weight, pregnancy, long flight trips, strong heat, heavy sporting activities.
Excellent for geriatric legs and feet suffering from thin epidermis, capillary fragility and poor circulation, causing fluid retention in tissues.

It helps to improve micro-circulation, lymph-drainage and veins elasticity, it protects the vessels and is effective against capillary fragility, thus visibly supporting the reduction of swelling.
It helps to relieve the symptoms of Heavy Legs Syndrome, a physical condition usually caused by poor circulation.

Thanks to its highly moisturizing power, it provides an immediate relief to legs, feet and ankles: the feeling of tension fades and the skin immediately appears toned up, smooth and elastic.